Thursday, 4 June 2009

Looking forward to doing a workshop on Saturday.


brenda said...

Hello there, now I may be barking up the completely wrong tree and if so apols in advance. But saw your name on the Stampman blog and thoght - LEM - could it be the lady who sent me cards via Stampalot for my MS chaity call ?

Janice at Stampalot thought one batch of cards was from a blogger called LEM - hence the possible connetion. If it is you then thank you so much - if you want to mail me from my profile please do so or leave e message on my blog.

B xx

LME said...

Just incase you come back it wasn't me sorry :)
I tried to email you but I hvae had problems with my computer :)

art raffle said...


just to let you know that the ART RAFFLE is back up and running. Sarah who was running it has now passed the rains over to me , i do hop eyou will join in again. you can now find use at


Gillian said...

Hi Lindyloo - thanks for dropping by my blog. I had no idea you were blogging or I would have dropped in sooner. Nice to see you - will save this to favs. Madge x